is the URL shortening service of Tomttb ( You can use it to shorten URL's for usage in e-mails, Tweets, Facebook messages and more. Simply type or paste an URL in the textbox on the homepage and press [enter] to shorten that URL. also provides a service to share files via an shorturl. By using this service, the file will be uploaded to the servers and everyone with the URL (which will be something like can download and view this file.
To share a file via, click the paperclip icon on the homepage and select a file. After the file is uploaded, the shorturl apears in the text box. Just copy this URL and share it with someone (i.e. by tweeting or emailing it) to give that person access to the file.

Tomttb also uses for creating shorturls for their own services. shorturls can also be created by other websites and applications though the API.